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With the fast technological advances the world is getting smaller and smaller, and it is becoming more imperative to understand other cultures and people. Being from Turkmenistan (former USSR), Dr. Tuylieva's mission is to introduce her culture and the music of her country to the audiences around the world. 


In the summer of 2013 Maya Tuylieva teamed up with the violinist from Azerbaijan Diana Seitz to broaden the scope of her research on the Central Asian music and co-founded a duet "Duo Kaspiana". 



The World Within the World


The development of Turkmen piano music is unique and has not been widely

studied outside of Turkmenistan.  European music was not part of the development of the Turkmen instrumental music until the beginning of the 20th century. Before this, the instrumental music of Turkmenistan was a fully developed branch of music and was performed and created with a high level of musical artistry. The development of Turkmen piano music is directly related to and associated with national instrumental music. 


Duo Kaspiana


The collaboration of Turkmen pianist Maya Tuylieva and violinist from Azerbaijan Diana Seitz seemed only natural to be created: both, being from a country that no longer exists (USSR), had so much to share with each other and the audience. The music world of their countries is a world that is waiting to be discovered and worth sharing.


With this thought Duo Kaspiana was created. The ensemble's goal is to perform and promote the music of Soviet and post-Soviet composers and let them be heard.



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